ID: 0051 - Hotel/Sofia /Area Pancharevo
Location: Pancharevo
Size: 1502 sq. m.
Type: Hotel
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General information
Area Pancharevo is the biggest administrative area of the Capital Municipality with plot of 36474,3 ha. It is located between Vitosha, Stara Planina and Lozen mountains. It includes the biggest artificial lake in Bulgaria, dam lake Iskar, as well as lake Pancharevo. There are a lot of monuments in the area, reminding the history of the country, as the most beautiful and picturesque is the area Urvich, located at th right shore of river Iskar. The area Urvich is located at a point of intersection  between  mountains Lozenska, Plana and Vitosha at the Devils bridge, where river Vedena runs into Iskar.

There are a lot of cloisters in the area too, built up centuries ago, at the time of Ottoman rule. The biggest landmark of Pancharevo remains the lake Pancharevo, which dam is artifical soil mound between the defile of villages Pancharevo and German.

The lake Pancharevo is a dam lake in Western Bulgaria, at the end of the Pancharevo break of river Iskar, between mountains Vitosha and Lozenska planina,600 m.above sea-level,lenght 3 km.,width 700 m. and depth up to 30 m. It is 15 km southern from Sofia, by the run of river Bistritsa in Iskar.At its western shore are located the village Pancharevo and the Pancharevo mineral springs.In the area of the lake there are sport bases,restaurants and places for entertainment. The lake is prefered place for rest near natural environment and beauty.

Hotel Pancharevo offers 5 modern furnished apartments, each with a balcony. The apartments are with eastern, southern and northern exposure and have:

- Double bed
– Scenic view
– Television
– Cable television
– Minibar
– Bathroom and toilet
– Possibility for accommodation for third person

The scenic restaurant with fireplace, offers 80 places in the main hall and 40 more places on the balcony, which has scenic view to the Pancharevo lake. A team of cooking chefs, the temptation of different delicious Bulgarian and European dishes, combined with tasty beverages will satisfy even the finest taste. Additional to the nice atmosphere,the restaurant offers for your good mood entertainments with DJ with different types of music, depending on your wishes, suitable for business, family parties, weddings and birthdays.

Hotel Pancharevo disposes with 17 rooms.
Each room has a balcony with lovely view to the lake Pancharevo. The rooms are modern furnished as follows:
- Two separate beds
- Scenic view
– Television
– Cable television
– Minibar
– Bathroom and toilet

The night bar offers 60 places, it is located under the restaurant and it is the perfect place for dances. The lights, combined with good music will keep you awake until the first sun rays of the morning.

The cocktail bar offers 30 places and it is located on the roof - balcony of the hotel, which offers scenic view to Pancharevo. This would be great rest for you in the busy daily round. The combination of nice atmosphere and brand beverages guarantees unforgettable moments.
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