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If you own real estate in Bulgaria and you want TO SELL it.
List your property FOR SALE in our agency
For this purpose, please send us an E-mail containing the following information:

(apartment, house, land, office,restaurant, hotel, ...)
   - Location (name of locality - Sofia, Varna, ...)
   - Exact location
   - Floor (i.e. 1st, two-storey house)
   - Complete residential area (e.g 150 sq.m)
   - Area of the adjoining land / land (eg 750 sq. meters)
   - Price in Euro
   - Rooms with a description
   - Position (South, Southwest, North, ...)
   - Lift (yes / no)
   - Garage (yes / no)
   - Parking (yes / no)
   - Telephone (yes / no)
   - Type of heating (Central, Local, None)
   - Type of construction (brick, brick, concrete panel, ...)
   - Completed
   - If you operate a public building at the moment (yes / no)
   - Number of seats for restaurants and offices, or the number of beds for hotels and others.
   - If possible industrial building access TIR-s (yes / no)
   - The sale of plots (land)
   - Application (agricultural, construction, ...)
   - Irrigation canals (yes / no)
   - Access time (yes / no)
   - Water (yes / no)
   - Electricity (yes / no)
   - Construction permit (yes / no)
   - A road (yes / no) - if any - how m
   - Visa for the design and construction (yes / no) 

Listing your properties in our website is completely free!

Our commission is 3% on a successful transaction.

1. You can always rely on our expert and honest assessment of your property.
2. We offer your property as our own.
3. We provide an opportunity for all our customers to see a private property.
4. We always try to agree on the price that will satisfy completely everyone.
5. We support you and arrange all documentation to complete a transaction.
6. You can easily contact us and make sure that we will know each step taken on the transaction.

List your property by sending us the above information or call us +359 2 961 97 20

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