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If you own real estate in Bulgaria and you want to give it FOR RENT.

List your property FOR RENT in our agency
For this purpose, please send us an E-mail containing the following information:
   - Type of property (apartment, house, land, office, restaurant, hotel, ...)
   - Location (name of locality - Sofia, Varna, ...)
   - Exact location
   - Floor (ie 1st, two-storey house)
   - Complete a residential area (eg 150 sq.m)
   - Area of the adjoining land / land (eg 750 sq. meters)
   - Price in Euro
   - Rooms with a description
   - Position (South, Southwest, North, ...)
   - Lift (yes / no)
   - Garage (yes / no)
   - Parking (yes / no)
   - Telephone (yes / no)
   - Type of heating (Central, Local, None)
   - Type of construction (brick, brick, concrete panel, ...)
   - Completed
   - If you operate a public building at the moment (yes / no)
   - Number of seats for restaurants and offices, or the number of beds for hotels and others.

Listing your properties in our website is completely free!

If you approve our proposed clients and enter into a rental agreement with them, we charge you a commission:

50% of the monthly rent - chargabe ONLY ONE TIME.

List your property by sending us the above information at: or call us +359 2 961 97 20


1. You can always rely on our expert and honest assessment of your property.
2. We offer your property as our own.
3. We provide an opportunity for all our customers to see a private property.
4. We always try to agree on the price that will satisfy completely everyone.
5. We support you and arrange all documentation to complete a transaction.
6. You can easily contact us and make sure that we will know each step taken on the transaction.


Rental and management service of real estates for foreigners

"FMF Bulgarian" Properties offers landlords living abroad and owning property in Bulgaria, a new, but particularly useful service, originally due to the many problems accompanying the letting of a particular property like incorrect payment, disloyalty on part of tenants and etc…
For landlords peace and against minimum wage, we offer the following services: 

 -Organizing and conducting inspections of landlord’s properties 

- Finding suitable tenants for the landlord’s properties.

- Collection of rent payments and transfer of the money to the landlord’s bank account. 

- Regular payment of supplies in the use of the property (water, electricity, heating, telephone, cable TV, Internet, etc..) that facilitates the tenants and guarantees that the landlord payment will receive his money. 

- Preparing and finializing contracts for cable television, Internet and others on behalf of the landlord, upon request by the tenant. 

- Temporary suspension on behalf of the landlord’s contracts for cable television, Internet, etc.. In the absence of a tenant or in case the tenant does not want to use the services. 

- Controlling the condition of the property and maintaing good form by the tenant. 

- Representation of the property landlord  to state, municipal and private institutions and organizations, including the verification and payment of taxes and fees on behalf of the landlord. 

- Representation of the property landlord to the general meeting of landlord (if applicable), including organizing, controlling and reporting the expenditure of general funds 

- Keeping deposits from the tenants and using them if necessary

- Periodically informs the landlord of the current state of the property and reporting through accurate documentation. 

- Removal of tenants who do not pay the agreed rent 

- Photos before and after the tenants enter or vacate the property.

If you chose to use the above service we charge you a commission:

15% from the month rental - chargabe EACH MONTH.

Services offered at extra charge:

- Properties furnishing and equipment sales
- Internal and external repairs, including structural, plumbing, wiring, etc..
- Opening of lots of water, electricity, heating etc..
- Extermination of pests and rodents
- Cleaning after renovation of properties
- Primary and periodical cleaning of the property
- Property Insurance

If you chose any of the above, please contact us for quotation.

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