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Bulgarian legislation allows the purchase of apartments, houses, and commercial properties by foreign individuals or companies.

Foreign individuals or companies owners of real estates in Bulgaria can use their residential property for commercial purposes.

If you want to purchase land you must have a local registered company which can be 100% your own. The company formation is very quick and easy and we will support you through all the stages.

We are offering you the opportunity to have a city tour in Bulgaria. It will give you confidence, will inform you and you will be pleased - we take care of everything, as seen from the schedule below:

We will provide support for all the necessary documents that you need related with the visa requirements to enter Bulgaria.
Member of our team will organize your trip - including type of hotel, plane tickets, renting car or limousine, yacht and other services.

One of the key members of our team will show you around the area you selected and you will explore all major attractions -beaches, golf courses, ski trails, marinas, shops and cultural attractions.

During your stay with us you will visit many different restaurants, from elegant to those with a home atmosphere so as to obtain a complete idea of the local cuisine.
In the evening we advise you to join our guides and to experience the local nightlife.

During your stay our staff will do everything possible to give a complete idea of the country, people, lifestyle and investment environment.

More than 5 million tourists per year enjoy in Bulgaria - be part of this!

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