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"FMF Properties" is created to offer comprehensive management services, maintenance and support of real estate including apartments, offices, residential and administrative buildings, hotels, spa complexes, gyms. We provide comfort and security to our customers.

"FMF Properties" provide a high yield of the properties it manages combined with impeccable service quality and best prices.

"FMF Properties" relies on highly qualified team of dedicated professionals and well-developed system of services throughout the country. Taken together, these components form a flexible and precise coordinated infrastructure company that enables us to react quickly and appropriately to the constantly changing market conditions.

Our Property Management Services include but are not limited to:

1. Management and rental
"FMF Properties" provides tenants for your real estate property.  Prepares tenant’s contract and follows the contract until the release of the real estate at the end of the rental period. We are committed to the maintenance and management throughout the entire period of rental with care and security and we ensure the payment of the monthly rent and all consumable expenses.

2. Service and management of common parts
"FMF Properties" offers its customers a package of services related to maintenance and operation of common areas of their real estate properties. These include:
Maintaining cleanliness of internal and external common parts,
24/7 security
CCTV security cameras
Maintenance of green areas
Maintenance of all equipment and systems in the real estate boundaries
Payment of monthly consumption expenditures for the common parts, repairs
Provides provision of additional services according to individual requirements achieve full service and successful Property Management.

3. Care for the Green areas
"FMF Properties" services the green areas by seasonal maintenance and fertilization of low and high vegetation daily by watering, mowing the grass, shaping bushes during the warm days and during the winter cleans and sands the slippery alleys.
4. Accounting  and Administrative Services
"FMF Properties" fully satisfies the requirements for all accounting needs by filling the annual tax statements, payment of the annual taxes and management of the clients' budget for their rented real estates.
5. Property Insurance
"FMF Properties" offers insurance guaranteeing the safety of your property in case of fire,  natural disasters, earthquakes, malicious acts of third parties.

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