ID: 0001
Location: Tsarevo
Size from: 53 sq. m.
Type: Apartment
Prise per sq.m. Price starts from:  
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General information
Payment plan
Floor plans
Property management

І – Basic construction details:

1. The construction of “Palazzo Reale” will commence in October, 2009.
2. Exterior:
- Exterior facade walls – brick and thermo-insulation
- Facade colour plaster, marble, granite, majestic statues, columns, arches, enormous domes, architectural and decorative elements.
3. Interior:
- Interior walls in Renaissance style - bricks, plaster, reinforced sound insulation.
- Interior colour plaster, marble, onyx, gold-plated statues, columns, gold-plated decorative elements, hand-drawn silk, wallpapers with gold fibres, drawn sacral scenes ornate with gold-plated classic sculptures and relieves.
4. Roof:
- Complete hydro- and thermo-insulation
- Interior floor, marble, statues, columns, domes, architectural and decorative elements.
5. Ceiling and dome:
- KNAUF plaster board
- Interior ceiling in a Renaissance royal style ornate with classic sculptures and relieves
- Interior dome drawn by master artists with murals and sacral scenes with gold-plated classic sculptures and relieves
6. Staircases and landings:
- Interior staircases and landings tiles with marble, granite and onyx
7. Railings:
- Decorative railings made of wrought iron and glass with gold-plated elements
8. Windows:
- Double glazed, German colour PVC joinery, thermo-insulation system
9. Lifts:
- Interior lifts in a Renaissance royal style
10. Deadline for construction works – March, 2012

ІІ – The complex offers the following facilities:

- Yacht port
- Outdoor swimming pools
- Children pool with water cascades
- Lobby
- Lobby bar
- Reception desk
- Boutique shop
- Almas Restaurant
- Michelin Restaurant
- Cleopatra VIP Hall
- Sharks aquarium
- Golden Winery
- Silver Winery
- Armageddon Piano Bar
- Open-air summer bar
- Coffee bar
- Royal Tea-Room
- Harem night club
- Cafes
- Conference centre
- Business centre
- Beauty parlour
- Medical centre
- Children playground
- Fitness centre
- SPA centre
- VIP SPA centre
- Roman baths
- Heated indoor swimming pool
- Ironing
- Laundry

III - Standard condition of apartments upon delivery:

1. Entrance hall:
- floor- granite
- ceiling – latex paint
- walls- latex paint
- MDF interior entrance door

2. Living room:
- floor- granite
- ceiling – latex paint
- walls- latex paint
- PVC joinery double glazed
- telephone outlet
- TV outlet
- satellite TV outlet
- DVD player outlet

3. Bedroom:
- floor- granite
- ceiling – latex paint
- walls- latex paint
- PVC joinery double glazed
- MDF interior entrance door
- telephone outlet
- TV outlet
- satellite TV outlet
- DVD player outlet

4. Bathroom- Toilet:
- sanitary faience and terracotta
- bath
- shower cabin
- lavatory pan
- sink
- music sound system outlet
- electrical setting outlet
- hot/cold water tap

5. Balcony:
- floor- granite
- railings

- All apartments are equipped with a central air conditioning system of the brand "Daikin" for heating and ventilation, with a separate regulator and counter in each apartment and all premises.
- All apartments are connected to the central electricity system of 220 V, with electrometer, safety fuses, plugs, keys, lights on balconies and in bathrooms, as well as a fire alarm and smoke alarm.

- Apartments are offered with full furniture included in the prices cited.

Here in “Palazzo Reale” you will find no ordinary pleasures, but just on the contrary, you will find luxury only to be part of the lives of the greatest celebrities worldwide and offered in the best hotels on the planet. And here in “Palazzo Reale” – YOU are going to be the celebrity.

Payment plan

Dear Customers, terms and payment plans offered by the investor of the "Palazzo Reale" is maximum simplified, to help you in choosing to do.
- Deposit € 2,000.
- Down payment minimum 30% of your chosen apartment.
- Other payments you define them our customers.
We at "FMF properties" offer you the most adequate for the option, though, is to buy the apartment of a deferred payment of up to 10 years without a bank loan and free of interest directly from the developer.


Dear customers our company, "FMF properties" is authorized on behalf of the investor of the "Palazzo Reale" to make concessions on the price of flats up to 10% of its own name and on its own.

 Discount which can be obtained from our company is not bound in any way with the concessions given to investors.

 To receive the discount upon purchase of an apartment complex in "Palazzo Reale" given personally by our company, "FMF properties" you must do the following:

 Send us E-mail:

- Phone number to contact you

- Your passport data

- The number of studio or apartment you have chosen in a complex "Palazzo Reale"

- The scheme of payment which you are most comfortable

- Short text which states that want to get a discount given personally by our company


Property management

In order to provide for our clients and their future income from the apartments they have purchased in “Palazzo Reale”, our company has invented a special Property Management program after having consulted with some of the biggest and most influential hotel management companies in the world. We have carefully considered all the package services to be offered, and have studied the potential clients’ interest thus being able to ensure the best possible services in different parts of the world. Our company has selected the most luxurious, the most incredible and attractive services to match the high class of “Palazzo Reale” and the management company we are to choose will provide them to you in the best possible way.

Each client who has purchased an apartment in our unique complex, will have an excellent opportunity to receive serious return on their investment by way of signing a Property Management Agreement.

Given this substantial and responsible activity, we in our capacity of an investor company, will assign the task to the most experienced and proven company established as such and operating on an international level. And in order to find it, we will organize a special exhibition where all suitable working management companies shall be invited and shall be given the chance to present their offers. We will choose the one which would satisfy the requirements of our most fastidious and refined clients to the last detail.

In this way we make a double provision for our future buyers as they will sign a property management agreement with us, and assigning the management to proven professionals, we will strictly supervise the contracts execution and will defend our clients’ interests through the Additional Independent Control Division (AICD) especially established for this purpose.
Thus you, as owners of apartments in “Palazzo Reale” will have a constant occupancy during the time you are not going to use your property yourselves, and in the same time your property will be really attractive for tenants for all the special facilities we will provide.

The management company working with us will have the following functions:

1. Maintenance of gardens, swimming pools, and common parts (an obligatory service for all apartment owners here)

All equipment, lifts, swimming pools, and gardens in the complex are of high end which is a prerequisite for due maintenance of the highest class to keep everything in a perfect condition. The annual maintenance fee will be 20 EUR per sq.m. without VAT. High-qualified personnel of guardians, hygienists, window-dressers and technicians will take care of all communal parts in the complex.

The above-mentioned fee covers for:

 Technical maintenance of the communal installations, equipment and other common parts in the building, as well as the complex common areas, such as green areas, garden, yard, swimming pools, etc.
 Organizing the cleaning of all communal areas in the building, and all equipment and facilities meant for common use, such as green areas, garden, yard, swimming pools, etc.
 Organizing and managing all payments concerning the communal areas and all facilities meant for common use in the complex.
 Organizing the internal security in the complex
 Standard repairs, ensuing from the usual property exploitation
 Informing the property owners about any damages on their property

2. Full maintenance and management of the property (an obligatory service in case of a chosen Guaranteed Rental Income option)

First class property management services shall be provided by the most experienced and influential company proven on the international property management market. Furthermore, the contracts for full maintenance and management of your property will ensure you 10% guaranteed rental income for the season of year 2011.

What are the services included in property management?

 Qualified personnel of electricians, hygienists, guardians, and security companies who take care of the property maintenance. The maintenance includes the following:
- partial repair works
- regular cleaning and refreshment of all apartments
- bed making
- airing the premises
- changing towels and linen
- tiles /stone coverings in the bathrooms and terraces/ cleaning
- window cleaning
- carpet cleaning and furniture dusting

 Organizing issue of classified documents and all paperwork required for receiving licenses for short or long-term renting-out, municipal criteria, etc.
 Assistance and preparation of property insurance against all potential risks, such as burglary, earthquakes, floods, and fire – a requirement by the local administration.
 Assistance in Life Insurance issue for the tenants – recommendable by tour operators and by us for all clients.
 Tenants registration – all foreign citizens must be registered in the local police station – as demanded by law.
 Assisting clients at their arrival, such as meeting at the airport, railway station or bus station, giving and taking apartment keys.
 Organizing payments for electricity, water, telephone bills, cable TV, as well as fees for cleaning, maintenance and security.
 Organizing and book-keeping all sorts of documents.
 Issue and receipt of invoices, insurance policies, bills, bank documents for and from third parties – service providers, local authorities, state or social institutions.
 Annual financial accounting of companies, submitting tax returns in the local tax institution# Organizing payments of the local taxes and fees, as well as tax on rentals, and the like.
 Regular feedback with apartment owners through monthly reports which aim at updating our clients about all important circumstances concerning their property.
 Defending the rights of property owners at legacies execution or in cases of disputed with third parties, as well as in front of state, social institutions or service providers.

3 – RENTAL MANAGEMENT ( Obligatory in case of signed agreement for guaranteed rental income )

Property owners who want to receive return on their investments through renting their property out, have come to the right place.

We in “BG Stroy” are currently negotiating with several of the biggest and most influential property management companies in the world. They know perfectly well how to manage your property so that you can generate a good rental income, and we will select the best offer we receive for you to make sure that you, owners of apartments in “Palazzo Reale”, will be completely satisfied with our services.

What does „Rental management” mean?

 The company to undertake the property management in “Palazzo Reale” complex, will be your competent and responsible tour operator and will accommodate tourists on a short or long-term basis, as you will receive a guaranteed rental income amounting to 10% of the property price for the first year, and 7% for the next years. This is an obligatory clause in the Contract we are to sign with the company we choose from the many we are going to investigate.

 The obligatory requirements at signing the Management contract, in relation to the companies we are going to select for further negotiation about “Palazzo Reale” management, will be the following ones:

- 10 % guaranteed rental income for the first year the complex is rented out
- 7 % for the following years of the complex renting out
- Execution of all services – paid and free of charge – envisaged by us within the complex.
- Individual servicing at the highest level, including all owners and guests of the complex.

As per executed studies about the future occupancy and expected income from the luxurious tourist market in Bulgaria, ordered by us and carried our by one of the leading companies in this branch, it shows that within several years a complex of the high class like our “Pallazo Reale” will naturally generate 10% annual rental income during the first year and 7% or 8% during the following years for the apartment owners. This is the reason why we have defined this minimum set of requirements and the company which manages to fulfill all of them to the last detail shall be the property management company we will work with. Currently there is a free market niche for such kind of tourism and Bulgarian market is now ready for the appearance and reclamation of this sparkling Black Sea pearl – “Palazzo Reale”. Each respecting and solvent client who decides to spend his holiday on the sea, will surely visit the complex at least once during his vacation. And if someone happens to come here once – he will inevitably come back again and again as the place is the only one of its kind. It is truly amazing!


Furniture in “Palazzo Reale”

“Palazzo Reale” is a 5-star BOUTIQUE apartment hotel, where each single apartment is projected and designed in a different unique style depending on the preferences and requirements of its future owner.

І – Unique designer projects:

1. Apartment furniture in “Palazzo Reale”, according to project, is to be executed by over 20 companies from Italy, Spain and several other furniture companies across the world famous for their quality and established brands.
2. The investors stake on their idea to offer boutique fully furnished apartments as each one will be different and unique in its interior design. What will be in common, however, is their infinite luxury and the fact that every apartment is going to be a piece of art in itself.
3. As regards the two VIP apartments in “Palazzo Reale” – no words can describe their extraordinary charm; they are beyond any comparison on a worldly level.
- The furniture in the two VIP apartments in “Palazzo Reale” shall be specially designed, hand-made and furnished in such a way that it is truly spectacular compared to all you have seen in your life so far, even if you are the most refined connoisseur in the branch. This furniture is going to be unique only to be found here and nowhere else. These apartment owners will be the only one owning such beauty and refinement.

ІІ - 48 furniture options:

1. VIP apartments:
- Option 1 - Yvani Caesar
- Option 2 - Yvani Caesar
- Option 3 - Yvani Caesar
- Option 4 - Yvani Caesar
- Option 5 - Yvani Caesar
- Option 6 - Cleopatra
- Option 7 - Cleopatra
- Option 8 - Cleopatra
- Option 9 - Cleopatra
- Option 10 - Louis XІV
- Option 11 - Louis XІV
- Option 12 – Scheherazade

2. Two-bedroom designer apartments:
- Option 1
- Option 2
- Option 3
- Option 4
- Option 5
- Option 6
- Option 7
- Option 8
- Option 9
- Option 10
- Option 11
- Option 12
- Option 13
- Option 14
- Option 15
- Option 16

3. One-bedroom apartments:
- Option 1
- Option 2
- Option 3
- Option 4
- Option 5
- Option 6
- Option 7
- Option 8
- Option 9
- Option 10
- Option 11
- Option 12

4. Studios:
- Option 1
- Option 2
- Option 3
- Option 4
- Option 5
- Option 6
- Option 7
- Option 8

ІІІ – There is a possibility for all buyers to purchase boutique furniture at preferential prices that can be negotiated in no other place:

1. Full furniture for an apartment of this type and category is worth a lot more than buyers here are going to pay according to the price list we have negotiated for you. This is all because of the partnership and the good business relations the investors have established with furniture companies from abroad and producers of world famous brands who have designed all boutique furniture options especially for this complex. Buyers will have the opportunity to get furniture at the bottom prices – a lot lower than the market price. These are exclusive prices and this fact will surely contribute to the successful promotion, a symbol of luxury and wealth as this is what you are investing in.

ІV – Prices for interior design project for apartment owners who do not wish to sign a Rental management agreement but want to take advantage of our designer proposals.

1. The price of an interior design for one apartment will vary from 300 EUR up to 1 500 EUR per sq.m. without VAT depending on the designer option the client picks up.
2. For the amount paid for interior design and furnishing, the client receives the following:
- Drawing an individual interior design project upon request, complied with the apartment area and the preferred style by the apartment owner.
- Overall exclusive furnishing according to the buyer’s taste and in compliance with the apartment type and shape
- Specially designed designer project according to the buyer’s choice different from the furniture options already drawn up.
- Reproduction of real or imaginary settings according to the future owner’s wishes and harmonization with the apartment type and area.

V – Prices of furniture for apartments owners who have signed a Rental management agreement:

1. When signing a Rental management agreement, all buyers will have the possibility to get a discount in the form of Guaranteed Rental Income of 10% (of the property price) for the first year of renting. The income generated could well cover all furniture costs for turning the apartment into a renting condition and making it luxurious and splendid for its owner as well.




If you have savings you probably know how to invest them to gain profit without risk- so pay heed to the information that is provided to you free of charge by our company.

The construction of the most luxurious boutique apartment hotel “Palazzo Reale” which is beyond any comparison on the tourist market in South-East Europe has now started. Every investor or businessman appreciating their vacation who buys now an apartment of 2 500 EUR per sq.m. without VAT will make a profit of over 100% out of the invested amount in the course of 7 years. This may sound incredible to you but it is a matter of simple arithmetic. You will be able to do your own calculations because we give you the opportunity to dispose in advance of our plans for future sales in our capacity of investors.
The initial price at which we launch the sales is 2 500 EUR per sq.m. without VAT. On buying an apartment in this primary stage of construction, you will have the opportunity to take a discount which is the Guaranteed Rental of 10% for the 1st year of renting your property out. This amount could cover your expenses related to the furnishing of your apartment necessary for its turning into a condition suitable for categorization. This further decreases the price you pay for your newly acquired property at 2250 EUR per sq.m.
During the next 6 years you are going to receive 7 % guaranteed rental which makes your return for 6 years a total of 42%. Adding those 10% accrued in the 1st year, you will have realized a 52% return on your investment. But this is not all:
If you make a higher downpayment you will be able to get advantage of 5; 7,5 or 10% discount so that your total return during this period goes up to 62% in the first 7 years. Meanwhile, while you have started the purchasing procedure in our unique complex, in the very beginning of its initial construction, we will be advancing with the construction works which will reflect accordingly in our sales policy. Up to the building completion of the apartment hotel “Palazzo Reale” the prices per sq.m. for the apartments in turn key condition, will start from 4000 EUR per sq.m. without VAT, which means an increase of 60% on the funds you have invested; and this on condition that you haven’t got any other discounts or you do not wish guaranteed rental income.
In the above calculations we haven’t even considered the expected real estate appreciation in Bulgaria. We will take into account only and solely what this incredible complex offers and what you could realize profit from, even if purchasing an apartment in the beginning of the construction and selling it afterwards in turn-key condition. There is hardly any other place where you could gain 60% return between the separate stages of construction and 50% more out of discounts and guaranteed rental during the first 7 years of letting your property out.
There is no point in convincing you in the uniqueness of our proposal since figures speak for themselves. For further clearing of the picture we will attach the price list for a night’s stay at “Palazzo Reale”. These will be of interest to those future owners of apartments in our complex who don’t want to go for the guaranteed rental but would rather sign a Contract for temporary tourist accommodation in their property:

1. One night’s stay in a studio   300 EUR
2. One night’s stay in a one-bed apartment  500 EUR
3. One night’s stay in a designer’s 2-bed apartment  700 EUR
4. One night’s stay in the consular apartment “Scheherazade”  1,000 EUR
5. One night’s stay in the presidential apartment “Louis XIV”  1,200 EUR
6. One night’s stay in the royal apartment “Cleopatra”  1,500 EUR
7. One night’s stay in the imperial apartment “Yvani Caesar”  5,000 EUR

Having in mind that the management and rental of the apartments in “Palazzo Reale” will be handled by a property Management company of world renown, you can calculate the income from a night’s stay for 1 year that will be realized in your property.
And most importantly, you will be able to enjoy your vacation in the most luxurious, most exquisite, most glamorous boutique complex in Bulgaria offering the best amenities so that you can feel like the King of the world each time you come here.

NOTE: The guaranteed rental income of 10% of the property price, which is granted to all apartment owners who sign a Rental management agreement, is fixed on a price of 2500 euros per sq.m. without VAT, regardless of the construction stage at the time of purchasing. The final purchasing price on which clients shall get the 10% income is formed after all discounts are deducted.

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