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Velingrad is situated in the west part of Chepino valley next to the border between Rodhopa and Pirin Mountain. Velingrad is about 49 kilometers away from Pazardjik , 85 kilometers away from Plovdiv and about 133 kilometers away from Sofia – the capital of Bulgaria. Septemvri town is about 31 kilometers away from Velingrad –  there starts the first station of the railway to Velingrad. Throughout the railway and a network of tarmac roads Velingrad resort connects to the following towns: Septemvri and Pazardjik to the north, Batak, Peshtera and Dospat to the East, Jundola and Kurtovo to the west and Sarnitsa to the south. The well marked roads lead to different historical and natural sights. 

Hot Springs
The municipality of Velingrad is famous with a great number of hot springs. Thanks to the natural resources, Velingrad reaches the first ranks of the Bulgarian balneological resorts. Total capacity of the 80 hot springs is about 170 liters per second. Because of the healing property of the water, there have been built a lot of balneological centers. During the last 10 years of the past century, a lot of SPA centers and modern hotels have been built in Velingrad.

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